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Point of Sale and Inventory Management Software
Point of Sale
  • Transaction Home Page

    Always available when you press the F11 key.

  • Keyboard sales screen

    Invoice sales screen to create customer cash sale, credit sale. Create a new invoice from quote or a previous invoice.

  • Keyboard sales screen

    Customer payment can be a mix of cash, foreign currencies, debit card, credit card and so on.

  • Touch sales screen

    Sales for a touch screen computer. Displays up to 30 items for each category. Touch screen menu is created and modified by the touch screen setup.

  • Touch sales screen

    Payment screen that record cash payment when using the touch screen

  • Full page sales invoice

    A customizable invoice being printed on letter size paper.

  • Ticket sale invoice

    A customizable invoice being printed on 4” wide continuous ticket roll.

  • Customer payment

    Collect customer payment using any mix of cash, foreign currency, and debit card and so on.

  • Customer payment

    Allocate customer payment to unpaid invoices.

  • Customer payment

    Printed customer receipt showing the invoices that was paid.

  • Refund & Return stock

    Customer may return some or all stock for a cash refund.

  • Detailed security

    Grant all users authorization to use the system.

  • Detailed security

    You may copy the settings of a user to another, for users who share similar tasks.

  • Reconcile cashier

    A Manager or Owner may reconcile the monies collected by the cashier.

  • Reconcile cashier

    A reconciliation ticket, however an End of Day Summary for the cashier may also be printed along with the reconciliation ticket.

  • End of day summary

    Record the cash count of the entire store, for comparison against the computer’s count.

  • End of day summary

    A printed summary of the store’s monies collected and payouts and compared against the physical cash count.

 Point of Sale

 Appropriate for
 Grocery Shop

 Sports and Clothes Store

 Hardware and Electrical Store

 Farm and Garden Store




 Auto Parts

 Gift and Appliance Store

 Barber and Beauty Salon

 Manufacturing Company

 Sports Bar and Grill

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